5 Exciting Things to Do in Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island in one of the pleasant and amazing places in the world that you can visit anytime in the year. It is located in on the banks of the Pacific coast. It is such a feast for your eyes. One of the best things about being on a trip to Vancouver islands is that you can visit this place almost any time in the year and you can visit with your crew anything you please. It is one place that both the rich and the others can visit. So here are some of the destinations that you cannot miss if you are in Vancouver Islands.

Butchart Gardens:

With over a million visitors every year the Butchart Gardens is one place that you have to visit in the whole world if you are looking for a world-class display of natural flowers, planks and other handmade floral arrangements. It is one of the most visited places in the world, and people never fail to return the next year. Since this place attracts a lot of tourists, the place is always crowded and is filled with people all through the day.

Royal BC Museum:

The Royal BC Museum is one the prime places that one shouldn’t fail to visit in the whole of the British Province. It is the place that has in it all of the lost memories of the English people, their traditions, history and culture. Right from cultural to war field monuments this is one place you should visit if you are a history buff or if you are specifically interested in the history of Britain.

Cowichan Valley:

Located in the southern tip of Vancouver Islands, it is placed in the Canadian borders. It is the mountains that add a special beauty to this place. There is stillness, and in it, there is a lot of beauty and calmness that you have to enjoy at least once in your lifetime. With no more than 80000 people in the whole district, it is one of the finest tourist locations in the whole of Britain.


The locals call Sooke as their western community. The place is located in the Western part of the Great Victorian Region. Sooke itself is one large place that you can check out the whole day. Located in the midst of the north and south sooke, it is nothing more than a dot in the map of Britain but serves a great deal of pleasure for the tourists. So if you are on a trip to the Vancouver Islands do not forget to spend a day at Sooke.

Parliament Buildings:

The Parliament building that is located in the Vancouver islands is often hailed by people as the heart of the location. This also takes pride in hosting one of the birthday parties of the Queen, and it happened to be one of the best things that happened in the Parliament buildings. A series of well-sculptured buildings stand tall as a series, and they are such a delight to watch no matter from where you look at.